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联系电话:028-87674949 Phone: 028-87674949 传真:028-87712708 Fax: 028-87712708 邮箱:1109954357@qq.com E-mail: 1109954357@qq.com 邮编:610071 Post Code: 610071 联系地址:中国四川省成都市金牛区金科中路18号9楼 Address: Floor 9, No. 18, Jinkezhong Rd, Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

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G-E Company Profile

Sichuan Green-expert Environmental Protection Science and  Technology Development co., LTD, founded in 2008. The early stage of the company is mainly engaged in urban sewage and all kinds of industrial wastewater, hospital wastewater, industrial waste, living garbage, flue gas desulfurization and dust removal, the air purification of living environment including engineering design, equipment manufacturing, construction, installation, commissioning, operation service and environmental assessment. In addition to the above, we also major in the diversification of BT, BOT, BOO investment. After years of struggling with development, the company owned thirty million fixed assets and more than 30 official staff. We has officially owns: Industrial Wastewater Operation Class A Quality Certificate issued by the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control of Project A Quality Certificate (including waste water, waste gas, noise control, environmental and ecological protection engineering category) issued by the Sichuan Province Department of Environmental Protection. In addition, the company also has municipal utilities engineering construction, housing construction general contracting 3 qualification and environmental protection three professional contracting qualification .

After years of development, the company engaged in desertification and desertification ecological plant gelling system research and development of special products since 2012, which once is published will fill a gap in the fields of sand in all over the world. At present泛亚电竞竞猜_信誉官网泛亚电竞竞猜_信誉官网,the product is applying for six national desertification and desertification  governance project patents. The senior leaderships in the company are the wisdoms who are highly educated and foresighted. We also organised the experts at home and abroad from the environmental protection field do some reserch for environmental pollution control. At present , there is a technical team consists of dozens of senior experts and professors from  the Chengdu Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University, Sichuan Academy of Environmental Sciences, Southwest Petroleum University etc. in the company . The experts and technicians in our company are engaged in environmental pollution control technology research and development for decades and have completed several large environmental protection project design, construction, commissioning, training, operation management, etc. Most of them are qualified with the profound theoretical knowledge and senior engineering experience.

Our company take the market as the guide and rely on high-quality talent, with continuous research and development of environmental protection high and new technology as the core, customer satisfaction for the purpose, adhere to the "scientific management, technical advantage and financial capital" as our business model, construct high-quality environmental protection demonstration project, create a good social and economic benefits, at the end, service to the society.

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